What is the GAAM Holiday Nerd Market?

The GAAM Holiday Nerd Market is a crowdfunded holiday market event put together by the GAAM team, with a focus on nerdy small businesses. We plan on having over 30 businesses with nerdy stuff to sell right before the holidays!

We’ve gone this route to create a dedicated, financially inclusive market, that is put together by the people, for the people, with free general attendance tickets, and the option for vendors to achieve full refunds (or donate their fees to fund good things like this, happening in the community).

Hopefully, this tradition to showcase all the creative, nerdy entrepreneurs and small businesses in our community will continue, and live as a fun gathering of our nerdy family.

Our Mission?

To carefully curate markets that lift the wonderful small businesses and creators that comprise the nerd and gaming communities, while inspiring inclusion, acceptance, and good will to others.

We want to make those positive moments and opportunities accessible to ALL, by making it FREE to attendees, AND to Small Businesses (vendors).

To Continue to “Do Good”.

Holiday Nerd Market’s Origin Story

Many of the supporters of GAAM, as well as members of the GAAM team, were small business owners, and pillars of the community. There was a substantial amount of passion and potential, but not many opportunities for them to highlight their skills and connect their dreams to a fiscal reality.

There were markets for traditional goods, art markets, artisanal markets, conventions, but nothing that focused purely on the small business owners and creators that were passionate and engaged in pop culture and gaming.

With the help of friends and volunteers, we decided to uplift our community by creating together the first Holiday Nerd Market in 2018 to fill the void and help lift our people.

Since then, we’ve continued to champion small businesses and nerdy culture, by consistantly aligning good deeds with economic opportunities. You can support this idea and donate here 

― It Take a Village ―

Keep the Holiday Nerd Market Free