Toy Drive Ticket Tracker

Toy Drive Raffle

Hello, you wonderful Do Gooder! There’s 1 of 2 ways you got probably got here!
1) You just dropped off your toys to help bring joy into a child’s life, and you scanned a QR code
2) You decided you wanted to bring joy into a child’s life AAAAND you wanted to help make sure we can keep doing good like this, so you bought some raffle tickets online!

Either way, make sure you collect the physical tickets from a VolunStar at the Toy Drive area, and then proceed to enter the last 5 tickets of each ticket you receive, into the fields below. This will allow us to contact you if you’re a winner!

Good luck, and thank you for helping us “Do Good”!

Fill out my online form.

― It Take a Village ―

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